Wine Queen Melanie

Melanie I.

Vice Wine Queen of Lower Austria

After a 2-year term as Wine Princess, Melanie was elected to be Vice Wine Queen Melanie I. She will now serve a term of 2 years proudly representing the wine of Lower Austria.

NÖ Vizeweinkönigin Melanie I.



Wine Princess

MELANIE Moser, our eldest daughter, was elected to be Wine Princess of Lower Austria. During her 2-year term she was allowed to assist in wine presentations as well as offer support for the Wine Queen.

She can often be seen at various wine christenings, ball openings, and many other wine related festivals.

Melanie was the wine godmother for the 2015 young wine in Bisamberg.

Melanie completed the MODUL tourism school and currently studies international wine business at the IMC FH Krems. She also assists in our tavern as time permits.

Most of our desserts are also made by Melanie and when you visit us you can taste her sweet creations.

Enjoy our fresh sugar cream rolls, mousse au chocolat, tiramisu and her many home made cakes.